Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Taste of Home in Foil Packets and Powder

Every wondered what soldier eat in the field, this article gives a good look at the current field rations. check out the pictures at this link.

When I started Canadian troops got field ration with small cans of commercial food, including canned bacon which was nice heated, but a bloop of congealed fat when cold. Included where crackers that were pretty good and tubes of peanut butter or butter, which was supposed to be thrown out as they went bad frequently. The worst item was the dehydrated tea, it was terrible! In the early 80’s we switched to new rations which were based on the “boil in the bag” system. This was a vast improvement in taste, calories and selection. The Ham and Cheese omelette was known as the “lung” for it’s texture and look. Most soldiers didn’t like it, but I did, meaning I got lot’s of extra food.

In Germany we ate US rations which were horrible at the time, being all freeze dried except for a chocolate brownie you could beat a man to death with. It included also a Hershey bar which the German kids loved and would trade their father’s beer for, why kids in the land of excellent chocolate would want a American chocolate bar was beyond me, but the beer was good so we didn’t ask to many questions!

Here is a religious view on our rations.

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