Monday, July 26, 2010

Capilano Bridge move

This project is not far from my house. Funny enough the temporary abutments for the bridge are built over top of the old bridge abutments that the blue truss bridge replaced. If I recall correctly the Blue truss bridge built in 1929 was the third bridge to be built over the Capilano river, the first was washed out within a year.
The Capilano River, swollen by a violent rainstorm, washed out a large section of Marine Drive and knocked out the old 1929 bridge in November 1949. The flood doubled the width of the river bed leaving the original span untouched, but with nowhere to go. The bridge was the only link between North and West Vancouver, so West Vancouver was cut off for 10 days. A temporary Bailey Bridge was built by the 3 Field Squadron Royal Canadian Engineers north of the washed-out bridge until a new span was built. The newer western span was built in 1950.
Prior to the bridge access to West Vancouver was by streamer.

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