Sunday, July 25, 2010

Drop-in-crime stats mask darker factors

I think this article does a good job covering the subject. Many police forces stopped bothering with “minor crimes” and only responded to the major ones. In fact the Vancouver police took so much flak for not responding to break in’s where the bad guys had already left, they were forced to change their policies.
I also agree that population age effects crime rates, let’s face it older criminals just won’t be as active as younger ones. However the younger criminals today can be far more violent than the ones from the 60’s, not to mention more tech savy.
I also agree with longer sentences, a criminal in jail is not committing crimes on the outside and frankly people are tired of hearing that a criminal did something bad while on Double-double parole. In regards to rehabilitation of criminals, the success rates are not inspiring. I suggest that we spend our limited resources on the young people who are starting to go bad and stop them from going down the wrong road. We won’t be able to save all of them, but put them in a work/training camp and run them off their feet so they are to tired to get into trouble.

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