Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 110th Birthday, White Pass & Yukon Route Railway!

WHITEHORSE - It's not Canada's best-known golden spike, but it's the most northerly and the important piece of Yukon history is celebrating its 110th birthday.

The last spike in the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway was driven in Carcross, Yukon on July 29, 1900, connecting the 177 kilometre route from Skagway, Alaska to Whitehorse read more here and a great gallery here.

Besides building and operating an amazing railway in very hostile terrain. Another feather in their cap is the development of the shipping Container and integrated intermodal system, including designing the first dedicated Containership, the Clifford J Rogers. which was replaced by the Frank H. Brown (which I did a little Seamanship training on)

There is talk of extending the railway all the way back to Whitehorse, the bed is still there as is some of the track. But talk is cheap and running a railway isn't. for now the Yukon will have to do without.

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