Monday, October 25, 2010

Ashes to Ashes

Bye Laura, I will always love you for being such a great big sister to me.

A while back we scattered the remains of my sister into the waters of Howe Sound near an Island that she loved, she was a well known lawyer and activist who was diagnosed with a brain tumour June of last year, she passed in December of 2009, leaving behind her significant other, her 13year son and us.

I was going to post this earlier, but couldn’t. 2 years previous to her diagnose she had seizures which sent her to hospital, we blamed it on stress and overwork (common lawyer stuff), perhaps had a MRI been done then the tumour might have been caught before it spread. If you or your loved ones have unexplained seizures or something odd happening in your/their head, do yourself and your family a favour and get an MRI, if the system tells you to wait a year, consider that you can fly to Malaysia, get an MRI, enjoy yourself, consult some very good doctors and come home for less than the price of a MRI here in Vancouver, where you are unlike to be able to see a doctor to review your results in a timely manner.
Laura was a great big sister and fabulous Aunt, my oldest misses her a lot, I have no doubt my sister is now an angel and comes in and gives my baby a kiss on the cheek now and then. As much as fought and disagreed, I knew I could always count on her to be there. A big hug to wherever you are.

Love, your Brother

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