Monday, October 25, 2010

Gordo, busy shuffling the deckchairs

Cartoon courtesy of the Vancouver Sun

Gordo, for you international visitors is the Premier of our Province, an area larger than many countries. His current approval rating is somewhere around 9% courtesy of his own self inflicted wounds, the latest being the HST tax. Not to mention that little deal for BC Rail either. His answer to this minor problem of being absolutely despised is to shuffle his ministers around and to make a public announcement. I wonder if you can get a minus public approval rating? This is despite our Province doing better than the rest of the country and fairly successful winter Olympics. I can imagine his ministers sitting in Cabinet comparing him to Nero?
I have always despised Gordon Campbell, I saw his style when he was Mayor, it sucked back then and it sucks now. The worst part of this sorry tale is that the opposition is not much better, the NDP have stumbled along under the lackluster leadership of Carole James and frankly I have to say she is the only one that can save Campbell, just as he is the only one that could possible get her elected. I wish we had a Shakespeare to write a play about this farce, I wonder what he would call it?
Meanwhile reluctant voters will trudge to the polls with the option of jumping from a cesspool into pool full of nuts. Thankfully I have a Conservative running in my area, otherwise I might have to vote for the resident Marxist-Leninist who normally gets 5 votes (no doubt one from Mom) I miss the Rhino party at least they were honest about not wanting to do anything constructive, other than changing driving from the right to the left, gradually buses and trucks the first year and the cars that survive the next year!

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