Monday, October 25, 2010

You shall conform!!!!!

This Candid camera episode is a perfect example of social pressure to conform. Words are not spoken, just the actions forces people to conform even if there is no logical reasoning behind it. We are social animals and being part of a group is important to us. That innate desire is used by people to attempt to force you to conform to their ideas, another name for this is “Social engineering”. Having married a wonderful lady from Malaysia, we both get to see how much our culture influences us and causes us to thing in “norms” which are only normal for us and not others. Never underestimate how much your culture controls you with a unseen hand!
As a gun owner I have watched this social engineering take place. Shooting and gun ownership in Canada has gone from a everyday well respected institution to social outcast. Shooters are afraid to promote their sport for fear of be ridiculed or becoming an outcast. It’s all part of a plan, envisioned by people like Allan Rock and company. They have worked hard to convince people that gun ownership in Canada is a foreign influence from the “Evil US” and therefore Canadians that own firearms and shoot are therefore not “True Canadians” and have their rights constrained and their property confiscated. Sounds Orwellian does it not?
Oddly enough I also see the same thing happening in Malaysia. The Imams there are claiming that traditional Malay dances that long predate the arrival of Islam on it’s shores are part of a “evil foreign influence” trying to corrupt good Muslim. The irony of their statement is totally lost on them, just as the irony of what the Gun Control types do to alter Canadian history to fit their future.
On a lighter note Candid camera was a fabulous show that really understood what made people tick, one of my favorites was the pretty girl with the broken down car, getting help from passing strangers, who would ask her to pop the hood, whereupon they would discover there was no engine, yet the girl was insisting she had just been driving it! The look on peoples faces as they tried to reconcile the two conflicting piece of information was great

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