Thursday, October 28, 2010

Epic failures of the gun Registry

The purpose of this blog is to track failures of the gun registry. Stories submitted must have happen to you personally or directly from someone you know. No “I heard from my uncles friends buddies” stories. We want to stay as factual as we can be within the restraints that we are working under.
I will submit my story first;
Waited till the last minute to register my .22cal rifle and .303 Enfield, both of which I had owned since I was 18 with no issue. Sent the papers by registered mail and got the receipt back. 2 years later I get a letter from the Canadian Firearms Centre (CFC) stating: “Due to missing information my file can not be completed and that if I don’t respond my file will be closed and I would be a criminal”. (not exact wording but close enough)
Phoned up the CFC to ask what information was missing, they replied……..
“We need your mailing address”
So I asked: “If you didn’t have that, how could you have sent me a letter?” Very long pause……..”Thank you we will complete your file now”

This is a true story on how I avoided being a criminal (so far)

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  1. It took approx 7 yrs to correct a serial number error on my registration certificate. I purchased a 10/22 Sturm Ruger-non restricted, registered by Dealer and took it home with temp regs. 3 weeks later, received the official registration paperwork and by chance noticed incorrect serial number 1 yr later, attempted contacts CFC by phone over 2 months, buisy signals xx no contact made, wrote 2 letters over a period of 2 yrs to advise them of their error. They completely ignored my attempts to follow the law. For 7 yrs, I could have been arrested for not having the correct registration for a firearm. I kept all copies of my letters and records of attempted phone calls in case something would happen. In total, 7yrs later, the correct registration papers were recd. If registration is so important, why did they wait 7 yrs to have the correct serial number of a firearm? I guess it's not important.

  2. Thanks John I will add it to the looooong list of failures.